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Default Saturday, Boxing Day . . . Comes only Once a Year

Good morning from a chilly Southern California. We're still having computer problems. While I am on that subject, can anybody tell my why it is that when I go back to edit a post, I cannot put the corrected post back on? It comes back with the original typos.

We had a lovely Christmas dinner, a German meal that I can't even pronounce, but it was good.

Jen, you and I seem to be sharing that sinus infection. I'm afraid to take an OTC fearing that it won't go with all the other stuff I take.

Mike, I hope that you and yours feel well again, too.

Like so many others here, I think about Todd and Fran. I hope that the Man Upstairs will hear our prayers and heal them both.

Breakfast calls, and so does the pharmacy! Have a good day, shoppers!

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