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"AIS, can I ask why you chose to book a cruiseline with three formal nights if you do not want to dress formally?"

You certainly can ask and my response is “because this is the cruise/itinerary we wanted to do”. It’s that simple.

Dining/dressing up is not the overriding issue for myself and my partner when it comes to a particular vacation (we had plenty experiences at five star establishments drinking classified French/Italian vintages). Unless I am missing something, isn’t a cruise a vacation – time to relax, that’s what it is for us. There will be times during our 16 day trip we will have meals in one of the main rooms and other times it will be the burger/fries/pizza menu washed down by a cold beer issue. As for “dress” for the three formal nights, we don’t want to dress(shirt/tie/suit for me and cocktail dress for her) we will exercise our option of not attending. That's what we always did when faced with a function that we didn't/don't want to dress up for.


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