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Good Morning Mates,

Cold today, it was 11 below at 7, might be above 0 now, but it is windy, so it will feel below zero most of the day I would imagine. Snow is blowing all around. The birdfeeders are busy this am.

Started a new med lsst night - cymbalata. The neurologist want to try this to see if it will bring any pain relief for my muscle/nerve disorder.
I hope I can adjust - today I am reeling from side effects and can barely sit upright - dizzy, headache, nausea, fatigue. I struggled to get a few crackers down, and now I have had to take my first dose of am meds. I have ever so much to do, and yet I am held captive in my chair feeling drugged and lousy. I truly hate meds and am considering just not taking any of these pain meds any more and just trying to cope with pain. It is a conundrum for sure.

Todd and Fran are in my prayers.
Hope everyone else is ok...

Donna - you have sun? Non on horizon here, at least yet. Guess we have a no'easter to look forward too this weekend.
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