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If you love cruise ship technology and the ability of people to build these floating cities, which really is amazing, then you have to appreciate the ship.

I have sailed on it and I will tell you it is a fuuun ship. There is a LOT to do and no we never felt crowded. I have felt more crowded on smaller ships. Size isn't what counts, it is passenger/space ratio, and Oasis is actually more spacious per passenger than the average Carnival, NCL or Princess ship.

Plus - having all that space and cost efficiency per passenger from the size makes it possible to add that many more attractions. It is an amazing ship that any real cruiser will want to see at least once.

And while I think your porterhouse steak comment is funny, it is different in this case because Oasis is not just a blown up version of a smaller cruise ship - it is a completely innovative design with tons of public space and also nice, spacious cabins with nice 36-inch flat panel TVs.

Oasis is a winner, surprisingly nicer than most people probably ever suspected. See my pictures up above under the "Community" tab.
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