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Default Question regarding Playa Mia, Cozumel and Carnival Excursions

Going on a Caribbean cruise on Carnival Glory in January '10. One of the stops is Cozumel. Anyone know if you are required to purchase one of the excusions (such as "Beach Break") through Carnival in order to get into Playa Mia? The reason I ask is because I heard Carnival has recently been forcing vendors to make sure excursions go directly through Carnival ($$$). But I don't know if it means that I can't even get into Playa Mia without going through Carnival. Is it still possible to take a cab on my own and purchase a ticket/band at the gate? I've read in other posts that people have done it before, but those posts are at least a year or two old. Has anyone gone to Playa Mia recently (since September '09) that knows the answer for sure? Thanks.
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