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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Plus - having all that space and cost efficiency per passenger from the size makes it possible to add that many more attractions.
"Cost efficiency per passenger" ... what do you mean by that? Because at this minute the Oasis is stupidly, vastly overpriced in comparison to other cruises.

It is an amazing ship that any real cruiser will want to see at least once.
Any real cruiser?? How demeaning is that? And frankly any REAL cruiser likes being in a ship on the ocean, not a floating city. Any REAL cruiser likes having access to all sorts of neat and exotic ports, not being limited because of the giagantic, stupid, ridiculously sized design of the ship. Any REAL cruiser doesn't like being dumped on an island with so many people that they can't experience some real island culture somewhere. It's bad enough with the number of ships and cruisers allready, it doesn't help adding 3-4,000 more per ship.

I'm glad that for those who are interested in the Monstrosity, errr Oasis of the Seas is an option. However, please understand that many "real" cruisers are looking for something of a different experience. If I wanted to be at an all inclussive I would fly to an all inclussive. When I want to cruise, I want to CRUISE.

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