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Sweet! We hated this part, well except for what happened to us the last time we had muster drill on the Glory. Ready for this story??

SO my husband and I are standing in the packed shoulder to shoulder group on deck after we had been rounded up and organized in this fashion. The crew goes over theh procedures and then asks if there are any questions, a hand goes up. It is a gentleman in his early thirties wearing a floral shirt and holding an empty "Fun Ship special" drink cup in one hand.

He says " So let me get this straight, you want us who have most likely had a few of these (raises empty cup and waves) by the time something would probably happen, to calmly run down to our cabins, which by the way are on the bottom of the ship (Riveria Deck) use our electronic key card to enter our cabins and retreive these things, in the dark most likely and then find our way to our muster station, in the dark with all these 3,000 passengers and sit there in an orderly fashion until you come get us?"

Crew reply "Yes, sir"

Gentleman reply. "Ok, well I guess I will be waiting for the Coast Guard by the bar then, Thanks for the tutorial."

all of the passengers in our group brust out in laughter and the crew just looked very unhappy.

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