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Originally Posted by clovely View Post
According to the RCCL site, for a five night cruise, it's 3 nights "casual", one "smart casual" and one formal. We're from Florida. Anything requiring hubby to wear a tie is more like work than a vacation. Mind boggling to me to give ya 18" worth of closet space and then require the family to get dressed up. I fully intend to pack LIGHT. I can bring myself to pack hubby a couple pair of long pants and sport shirts but that's as far as I'm going. So on those other two nights, do we just go tacky or are there other places we can have dinner? We've done one other cruise and it was Disney. I did the whole dress up thing there and I'm just not putting everyone through that again. We're perfectly happy with pizza somewhere.
Just back from the Navigator a few weeks ago and never set foot in the MDR. Ate at the Windjammer every night.

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