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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz View Post
It's been told that at the end of the Army/Navy game the victor would play both teams respective music, with the losers song played first.

A sign of honor and respect.

Hook 'em Horns !

Go U.T. !!

Phil & Liz

Phil, you're exactly right!

At the end of the Army-Navy game, both teams gather in front of the losing team's student section, and that school's Alma Mater is played by the marching band.

Next, both teams gather in front of the winning team's student section, and the victor's Alma Mater is played.

Out of respect for the opposing team, and out of respect for the game of football, both teams play with all the intensity and determination they have. They play the game of football as the game is meant to be played. Our Service Academy football teams are a fine example football teams and a fine example of the young men and women who serve.

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