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Tipping is NOT their only income. They do get paid a monthly (ridiculously low) salary, get room and board, medical care, and paid flights to their home country every year for a two-month leave. They also live in pretty cramped quarters and work very long hours, and are often called upon to change "positions". Going from room steward to buffet server to deck infinitum. They must also share any tips they receive. It's one reason why NCL only has one remaining (out of three) ships doing r/t Hawaii cruises. Has to be American flagged and crewed when not visiting a foreign port. Per Mr. Jones. Foreign-flagged ships are not bound by US minimum wage requirements. It's also why you rarely see Americans doing anything but the higher-paid jobs like Purser, CD, medical staff, etc. Your cabin steward needs shared tips, and is probably bi-lingual (unlike most of us). Too much to go on and on, but, until tipping is included in the cruise fare, please tip those who serve you, as outlined in tipping guidelines! My Filipino and Indonesian servers have been wonderful! I do have a problem, though, with the Eastern Europeans who now seem to be in charge of the ships' stores and spas. Won't name a particular country, but RUDE behavior is what I've gotten. Mainly very young girls who are more concerned about their hair and make-up than my purchase. NO tip for them! I've been on more cruises than I have posts, and know what I'm talking about.
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