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I don't drink much, usually a glass of wine perhaps once a month when out to dinner. I don't ever keep any type of alcohol at home.

It's also such a rip off unless you buy your own. I think it's ridiculous to bring alcohol or any drinks with you on a vacation, other than necessary formula for babies, etc... As said above what a waste of energy and time - both of which should be used as wisely as possible, especially on a vacation. After all, if you can afford to s[end hundreds or thousands on a cruise, drinks are minimal in comparison.

I didn't drink at all on the 2007 cruise I took with my then 14-year old son. But in 2.5 months I will cruise with my mom, and I will have my1 glass of wine with dinner every night and probably enjoy 1 iced mixed drink like a pina colada or marguarita during the day.
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