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Default Celebrity Constellation Southern Caribbean Review 11/9 - 11/22/09

Here, finally, is Part 1 of the review I have been promising you since I got back over a week ago! It takes time to load all those pictures!

Celebrity Constellation, Part 1
13 Day Southern Caribbean, Nov. 9-22/09

Sunday, Nov. 8 and Monday, Nov. 9

Once again, we flew into the port city, Miami, a day early to acclimatize ourselves before the cruise, and also to meet up with the group that we were sailing with this time, cruisers from another cruising website.
We were all staying in the same hotel, and had planned a dinner out at a restaurant to get to know each other.
The evening was fun, it was a loud and rowdy sports bar, but the food was good and it was great to get to know everybody.

The next morning we all met in the lobby and piled into 2 shuttle buses that took us to the port, arriving about 11:30 a.m.
The embarkation line-ups were separated into Decks / Concierge Class / Elite. Our Concierge line was very slow, in fact all the regular Deck lines passed through quickly while our "priority" boarding took almost an hour.

Finally, we entered the beautiful Constellation, with it's classy and understated elegance apparent immediately. No Carnival gawdiness here!
We were met by white-gloved staff proffering glasses of champagne, and were guided towards the elevators in the direction of our cabin.

Our Concierge Class cabin was situated on Sky Deck 9, between mid-ship and aft, port side. When we arrived, it was ready, clean, bright, nicely appointed, and we had champagne on ice and a tote bag, courtesy of the group booking, as well as beautifully decorated fruit bowl and other amenities included with Concierge class.

The room itself was a bit small and difficult to navigate, however there was plenty of storage space in the closet, cabinets, wall space and under the bed, as well as a nice seating area, and vanity/bar.

The bathroom was one of the tiniest we've seen in our cruising career, as was the balcony, which barely held 2 straight backed chairs and an oversized table.

We met our room steward Michael, a pleasant young Filipino, and made our usual request to keep the ice bucket full at all times.

Now I hate to interrupt this Part 1 before it's finished, but I have discovered under the new rules, that I am only permitted to post 10 photos at a time, and apparently I had 23, so now I've reached my limit, I will have to end here and continue the rest in Part 2. Sorry about that....

to be continued....
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