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Default Celebrity Constellation, Part 2

It's still Day 1, but Part 2 so I can load more pictures....

After checking out our cabin, we headed upstairs one deck to the Seaside Cafe for some lunch. The choices were varied and many, and everything we tried was delicious, including several delectable desserts!

In order to walk off those desserts, we then wandered the ship outdoors, familiarizing ourselves with the various areas, particularly the main pool.
There were 2 pools, and 4 hot tubs in this area on Deck 10 mid-ships, with another pool and 2 more hot tubs in the Aqua Spa, forward.

The Aqua Spa was a covered, temperature controlled area, and the pool was a Thallasotherapy pool filled with very warm water, with an area of massaging rollers to relax all those tired travelling muscles. It was a very attractive area, with it's live tropical plants, and beautiful teak lounge chairs, but although some chairs were covered with cushions, the majority were not, and we found out later in the week just how uncomfortable they could be!

We continued our explorations aft, where we found the outdoor play area for the Celebrity Childrens' program, as well as a great view of the Carnival Imagination's new Water Works water park, visible from the back of our ship.

By then we figured our luggage had arrived, so we went back to our cabin to unpack, and then it was time for the dreaded Muster Drill!
We were not required to drag or wear our life vests on this ship, but were to meet in a common area, in our case, one of the lounges, while the usual recorded messages were played and live demonstrations were performed. This was the first time we were to realize how many German tourists were on this cruise with us - all announcements during the cruise were made first in English, followed by a German translation.
Unfortunately, even after the announcements and the demonstrations, we were still required to go out on deck to our muster stations, and were lined up in sardine rows in the heat while more English/German announcements were made.

Finally it was over, and we were free to attend our pre-scheduled "meet and greet" cocktail party with our cruising group.
This was where we had our first problem navigating the ship. Our itinerary said "Reflections" disco, and our little handout map also said Reflections disco, Deck 11, forward, but when we got there, there was no "Reflections" disco, just a really weird looking lounge called "The Bar at the Edge of the Earth". It certainly was, it looked like something of a cross between Lord of the Rings and the Michael Jackson Thriller video!

I think this is what it must have looked like before it got all draped and "mummified":

Turns out that "The Bar at the Edge of the Earth" was formerly known as "Reflections", but was "made-over" to accomodate the Cirque de Soleil show that was on the Constellation for some time, but apparently didn't do so well, so all that was left was the very strange decor.

Again, my limit of 10 photos is up, so I will continue Day 1 in Part 3...
stay tuned....

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