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Default Constellation, Part 4

Celebrity Constellation, Part 4
Day 2, Tues. Nov. 10, Sea Day

Our first day at sea was a pleasant one. The weather was picture-perfect, and I was glad to have a sea day to relax in the sun.

First though, we went to morning Trivia, held every morning at 9:30 in the Bar at the Edge of the Earth. It was never well-attended, but the small groups who showed up regularly took their Trivia very seriously!

Following Trivia, we had a pre-scheduled meeting with our cruise group, for a group photo as well as a gift-exchange.
It had been my suggestion that we all bring something from our hometown, a small souvenir of some kind.
Everyone showed up with little bags of thoughtful gifts; postcards, keychains, fridge magnets, drink holders, shot glasses, some even threw in pamphlets of tourist attractions in their hometowns. It was a nice way to share a little about ourselves and to get to know each other.
We all posed for a group photo, including the mascot bear.

Even though all of us were wearing the same group T-shirts, one other cruiser and myself were actually dressed identically in jean shorts and sandals and we looked like twins. We even swapped sandals for a photo!

It was now time to "hit the deck" and find a spot to lay in the sun. Well, that proved more difficult than we'd imagined.
I had always read on these boards about how hard it is to find deck chairs on cruise ships, and about chair hogs who leave towels on chairs for hours and hours, but I had honestly never encountered any problems finding a chair - until now.
This ship was packed. We wandered every square inch of Deck 10 and Deck 11 from forward to aft and there was not a chair to be had.
We finally gave up and decided to go in for lunch.

Lunch on this sea day was a special brunch held from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m. in the San Marco dining room.
The atmosphere was very formal, with tablecloths and beautifully laid tables, and the buffet style brunch had many offerings. The highlight for me was the chocolate fondue fountain which I discovered while trying out some delectable pastries for dessert.
I must admit I went a little crazy dipping strawberries, bananas, grapes and chunks of pineapple into that cascading fountain of milky chocolate!

After lunch, we went to Cinema 3, a small cinema on Deck 3 where movies are shown daily, and the site of Name That Tune Trivia.
This is where we first met activity staff Carl, who was a highlight of this cruise for me. Young, energetic, polite, friendly and so funny, he was a great Trivia host, and quite obviously enjoyed his job.
On this particular day it was 50's Name That Tune Trivia, and it was great fun guessing the songs, and singing along. We almost won too!

Following Trivia, we decided to try our luck with the deck chairs once again.

After wandering futilely all around Decks 10 and 11, we finally found a slightly hidden stairway to Deck 12, which turned out to be a topless deck, and it too was full. Off in the corner were 2 lonely chairs which we grabbed, only to discover they were broken with missing vinyl strips or the back wouldn't go up. However, since they were all we could find, we settled down and took in a little sun. Unfortunately, it was a very long walk down 2 flights of stairs and halfway across the ship if one wanted to go to the bathroom, the bar or in the pool!

It was a short afternoon however, since with our 6:00 dining time we had to go in early to get ready for our first formal night.
It was a truly formal evening on Celebrity, I didn't see anyone "underdressed" and even the waiters were decked out in their best.
On this evening, we saw the Captain and his guests at the head table just a table away from us.
We had our tablemates take our photo, as dressing up is a rather rare occasion for us!

Dinner was once again fabulous! I had Rack of Lamb, James had Chateaubriand, and both were wonderful.
The Constellation chefs, and in particular, their pastry chefs, deserve kudos for their efforts!

Our after dinner entertainment this evening in the Celebrity Theatre, consisted of "Showtime", a Broadway medley by the Constellation singers and dancers.
It was a very good show musically, and the costumes were great, but I'm just not a big fan of broadway musicals.

Following the show, we went to the Bar at the Edge of the Earth for a late night performance by the Voice Males, the acapella group who kept us entertained throughout the cruise with their wonderful renditions of old harmonized classics, their choreography and their slapstick humour.
You can check them out on YouTube:

After a relaxing day of doing nothing, we were exhausted and were off to bed by 10:30!

Tomorrow...another Sea Day!

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