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Default Constellation, Part 5

Celebrity Constellation, Part 5
Day 3 Wed. Nov. 11 Sea Day

Ahhh, another sea day. I love having 2 sea days at the beginning of a cruise, gives me a chance to really relax and unwind before having to get up early and be off the ship for a tour in port.

As this was Nov. 11, known as Remeberance Day in Canada, we were pleased to see many Canadians onboard sporting red poppies, ourselves included. At breakfast, and at morning Trivia, we could pick out the Canadians as we nodded at each others' poppies and gave each other the thumbs up sign.
I noticed in the daily schedule, there was a Veteran's get-together with the Cruise Director at 11:00 in the Martini Bar, to honour all veterans onboard.

After morning Trivia, which we won after a 3-way tie breaking question, we spent another fruitless morning wandering around on the pool decks, trying to find chairs. James finally found one in the shade, and I opted to just sit by the pool, when I wasn't in the pool. As he couldn't go in the water because of his cast, I had to make up for it by being in the water twice as much. Ah, the sacrifices we make....

Lunch in the Seaside Cafe was once again, wonderful. There were so many different choices and everything I tried was good, in particular, the desserts. Today I had "churros", a sort of cinnamon-y rolled pastry, dipped in whipped cream and they were decadent!

After lunch I went to Trivia again, this one was 80's Name That Tune, and poor Carl had nothing but technical difficulties with his CD player.
There were long delays while someone came to fix the system, but Carl handled the situation with professionalism and good humour, keeping us entertained with stories about the Constellation. When we finally got to play, I did surprisingly well, as I didn't think I knew the 80's that well!
Everyone got prizes; pens, keychains, candies or Bingo cards, as a thank-you for being so patient during the delay.

James had opted to attend the Captain's Club Celebration, an oddly-timed cocktail party at 1:15 in the afternoon, for repeat passengers.
He reported later that it was the best return passenger party he's ever been to, with free cocktails, h'or d'oeuvres, and a chance to meet and have your picture taken with the captain, as well as meet and speak to other officers and members of the crew. He was quite impressed.

During the afternoon of this glorious-weather sea day, I managed to find a deck chair and enjoyed the pool band Sipra, while in and out of the pool.
Sipra was one of the better house bands I've heard on cruise ships, and besides their pool gig, they also entertained nightly in the Bar at the Edge of the Earth.

That evening at dinner I was feeling too full to eat. I had eaten a cheeseburger at the poolside grill around 3 p.m. and was just not ready for a big dinner at 6:00. We were both finding it hard to eat at the early seating.

After dinner, we decided to go check out pianist/entertainer Perry Grant in Michael's Club, as we had heard from several people that "you have to see this guy!"
Michael's room is much more like someone's living room than an entertainment venue. It has comfortable couches and chairs, a huge fireplace mantle and incidental tables covered with autographed photos of many Hollywood and musical stars posing with Perry Grant.
Perry himself is quite the star. With his peroxide-blonde hair, sparkly suit and wide-eyed smiling demeanor, he put me in mind of another great piano entertainer - Liberace. He certainly had a way with his audience, carrying on friendly conversations between numbers, inviting people up to turn on and off his revolving disco ball, and seemingly getting to know everyone. He performed the classics, from the Crooners to Judy Garland, something for the older crowd on Celebrity to enjoy. The show was enjoyable, and Michael's Club was packed to the door every night of the cruise.
I found a little video of Perry performing on the Constellation, just to give you an idea of his talent, energy, audience rapport and the ambiance of Michael's Room:

The main show that evening in the Celebrity Theatre starred Broadway singer Shauna Hicks, and since she was doing a rendition of Broadway show tunes, which we don't really care for, we opted to skip that show.
Once again, we wandered around the ship to see what else was happening and the answer was "very little". Most evenings seemed dead quiet, with nobody around, and the only action was in the casino. This was one of the few disappointments we had with Celebrity, the Constellation just lacked personality and a sense of fun.

Tomorrow....St. Thomas!

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