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Default Celebrity Constellation, Part 7

Celebrity Constellation, Part 7
Day 5 Friday, November 13, St. Maarten

We started our day off with an early morning visit to the ship's infirmary.
James' cast had been causing a lot of peeling skin problems on his fingers, which he was keeping bandaged due to sensitivity.
The doctor prescribed some cortisteroid cream, and we were in an out of there in less than 15 minutes, with a bill for $130.

By 10:00 a.m. we disembarked in St. Maarten, walked to the pier and took the water taxi ($6pp) for a ride across to the beach in Philipsburg.

It was extremely hot and humid and the beach was very busy, but we were greeted by locals who offered us 2 chairs, an umbrella, and a bucket of 5 drinks (beer, soda or water) for $20.
We had a nice spot with a view of the ship, but the beach and shopping area nearby were very busy and noisy.

The beach itself was pebbly and full of bits of broken shells; this was one time I wished I had brought my water shoes, as it was very uncomfortable walking into the water from my chair.
I did spend most of my time here in the water as it was just so hot. Poor James had to sweat it out under the umbrella, but he did venture into the water for a photo.

Due to the heat, we headed back to the ship about 2:00, showered, changed and had a light lunch. We returned to the pier at 4:00 as we had arranged to meet our Cruise group for Margaritas at our favourite spot in St. Maarten, Happy Hours.
Not a single member of the group showed up, so we sat under an umbrella people watching and enjoying another couple of Bushwackers, before heading back to the ship.

On this afternoon, we had time for a late afternoon nap, as we had gone to the dining room at breakfast and asked the Maitre 'D if he could possibly change our dining time. We had been finding the early seating just too difficult, and the Maitre 'D was very accomodating and found us a table for 2 for the late seating dinner at 8:30. This was much more to our liking.

Dinner, as usual, was excellent. James had Cream of Broccoli soup and delicious and tender Short Ribs, while I had Chicken Spring Rolls with Thai Chili Sauce, and Turkey Mozarella Meatballs.
As much as we enjoyed our meal, dessert was even better; a pastry cigar filled with dulce de leche, and chocolate blueberry cake. Both were scrumptious!

Once again, after dinner we found that entertainment was lacking, and we ended up back in our cabin watching a movie.
There was a "Latin Sizzle Party" poolside outdoors at 11:30, but as we're not that fond of Latin music, we just didn't feel like going.
We decided instead to get a good night's rest and be ready for our day tomorrow in Antigua......

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