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Default Celebrity Constellation, Part 8

Celebrity Constellation, Part 8
Day 6, Saturday, November 14, Antigua

P & O's Ventura, in Antigua

Saturday dawned hot and humid in the beautiful island of Antigua. We were off the ship before 9:00 a.m. to meet up with our cruise group; there were 14 of us who had booked an island tour together,
From the pier, we walked a long way to the meeting place, where we waited a good half hour in the stifling heat for our tour bus to show up.
When it did, the driver realized he's need 2 buses to accomodate us all and we waited again.
While I waited I took a picture of this pirate ship in the harbour and wished I'd gone on a sailing trip instead....

Finally, we boarded the 2 buses, which although air conditioned, did not feel like it at all, especially for me, way in the back.
We spent 20 minutes just sitting in heavy traffic to go about 2 blocks, where the driver parked and let us out.
He then led us through busy traffic across the street and into a sweltering farmers' market.
There were some small shops, but he didn't linger long enough to let us look, instead, he led us into a huge, airless marketplace full of fruits and vegetables, and judging by the smell, many of them rotting.
The market was crammed with people, you could hardly move, and there was some crazed religious fanatic outside in the street, shouting prophets into a megaphone. We couldn't hear a word out tour guide was saying. Not a pleasant experience.

We were then herded out of the market, and told to wait in a little town square while the driver went back to fetch the bus.
In this square was a huge statue, and we all took photos. I later learned that this was V.C. Bird, known as the "father of the nation", leading Antigua and Barbuda into independence in 1981.

The wait for the bus was getting long; I was really suffering from the oppressive heat, and I was having trouble breathing.
Tired of waiting, and not impressed with the tour so far, we excused ourselves from the group and decided to walk back to the ship (we could see it from where we stood).
We walked back faster than we had come by bus, and were soon recovering in air conditioned comfort.

With this being a port day, we discovered there were lots of deck chairs available, so we claimed one in the shade and one in the sun, and James spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool, and me, in and out of the pool.
It was unfortunate that we did not see much of Antigua on this trip, but the tour was really not for us, and I much preferred relaxing by the pool on this very hot day.

P & O's Ventura in Antigua

It was nice on this evening, not to have to rush for dinner at 6:00, but took our time and relaxed until 8:30.
Once again, the meal was great, but we felt the service was a bit rushed. Maybe it was because of our location, right next to the serving station, where a multitude of waiters rushed in and out, criss-crossing each other - I was just waiting for a collision!

Showtime tonight, pianist Hyperion Knight, was not as enjoyable as two nights ago. His stories and performances of Chopin and Rochmononov were not as palatable to the masses as his material from the previous show. There was also a performance by singer Shauna Hicks, who sang some classics beautifully.

We attended the Late Show, the Newlywed and Not-So-Newlywed Game show, hosted by Allejandro, the Manager of Entertainment.
He did not do a very good job as host, he was erratic, repetitive, and often rude, just not a good host, and the show consequently was not as good as it could have been. Interestingly, the questions used in the game were identical to the ones we saw used on Princess earlier this year.
We regretted staying up late for this disappointing show, and headed off to our cabin to rest up for our day in St. Lucia tomorrow......

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