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Default Celebrity Constellation, Part 9

Celebrity Constellation, Part 9
Day 7, Sunday November 15, St Lucia

After yesterday's aborted tour, and because the heat in St. Lucia was also intense, we decided to cancel our planned tour with the group.
We were sorry to miss visiting and touring the lovely island of St. Lucia, as we had enjoyed seeing the sights of the island on a previous visit, but somehow, yesterday's experience kind of soured us on taking tours we had no part in planning.
We did however, get off the ship for a short visit to the pier shopping area, where it was unbearably hot, and made worse by the fact that there was a major power failure in the area, and none of the shops had lights or air conditioning. This also meant that shoppers could not use debit cards, it was cash sales only, so I wasn't even able to do any shopping.
We decided to return to the ship.

Not many people stayed onboard, so we enjoyed another relaxing day with our choice of deck chairs, and I spent a lot of time in and out of the pool.
My only complaint here was the piped in "muzak" which was quite loud, annoying and repetitive, it seemed like the same 4 songs over and over.
We tried moving away from the big speakers, but over on the side of the ship there was other muzak piped in so we were subjected to two different types of music competing for our ears. Why can't the cruise lines just shut everything off and let people enjoy the peace and quiet of a relaxing day by the pool?
This fellow by the way, is just one of many unusual statues and objets d'art that can be found in and around the Constellation. Why a gorilla carrying a fish on the pool deck, I don't know.....

Other than being lazy by the pool, and reading one of the 4 books I managed to read this cruise, I did little else except play morning and afternoon Trivia. These were the highlights of each day for me, as the entertainment hosts were always so much fun, and so were the people who played Trivia every day.

Dinner this evening was great; James had Ahi Tuna Steak which he enjoyed, and I had Chicken Alfredo which was excellent.
Dessert was also amazing, no complaints here, but we found the service could have used a little tweaking.

Unfortunately, we had another unsatisfying evening of entertainment. The main theatre show was entitled "Rhythm of the Night", a Latin style song and dance show, and we managed to stay for about 15 minutes of it, and really didn't enjoy it, so we left and went to bed.
Not a very exciting day, but a relaxing one. It was nights like this however that we began to think that 13 days was going to be too long for us on a cruise, and that Celebrity's entertainment left much to be desired.....

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