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Default Celebrity Constellation, Part 13

Celebrity Constellation, Part 13
Day 12, Friday November 20, Sea Day

Ahhh....another relaxing day at sea. We started off the day with Morning Trivia, never winning since the first week, but we kept trying!

At 10:00 in the Celebrity Theatre, guests were invited to a "Life at Sea" talk, hosted by the Cruise Director, the Captain and some of the crew responsible for guest relations (Hotel Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, etc.)
We thought it would be a good opportunity to learn a little more about life at sea from those who live it every day, but it turned out to be a poorly - attended question and answer period, mostly dominated by one man who wanted to air his displeasure about everything on his cruise so far.

The Hotel Manager quite politely offered to meet with the man privately after the talk and address any issues he might have.
Otherwise, there was not much interesting information given, and once again we were disappointed in the lack of participation from passengers.
As I said before, maybe it was because so many of them were many-time repeat passengers and they had seen-all and done-all before.

On this morning, we finally got around to visiting the Aqua Spa, and the beautiful Thallassotherapy Pool, highly recommended by one of our group members.

We had passed through several times, but never actually tried the pool or enjoyed the calm, relaxing atmosphere.
This is a covered, and temeprature controlled open, airy spot, with palm trees, tables, chairs, and beautiful teak loungers. Unfotunately, only some of those loungers had comfortable cushions, and I soon found that without one, it was darned uncomfortable!

The pool itself was surprisingly hot - I thought it was just jets like a hot tub, I didn't realize the water was hot too until I got in!
There was a spot on each side with roller bars to pull yourself up on for a therapeutic massage along with the strong jets of water shooting across your body. There was also a little waterfall, which was not only therapeutic, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Next to the Thalassotherapy Pool was the Aqua Spa Cafe, where they served a light lunch of salads with fixings, bread sticks and rolls, and iced tea or juices, and there was plenty of room to eat at the nearby tables. All this for no extra fee!

It was a nice relaxing morning in the Aqua Spa, and because there were gradual steps and a hand rail into the pool, James was even able to go in up to his bathing suit without getting his cast wet.

At 1:45 we made our way to 50's and 60's Name That Tune Trivia in Cinema 3 with our favourite host, Carl. It was a rip-roaring time, with everybody singing along, Carl dancing and making jokes, and James taped the whole thing so we enjoyed it all over again when we got home!

James did some more taping around the ship that afternoon, while I soaked up as much sun as I could store to last me through the winter.....

At 4:15 we honoured our Concierge Class invitation to a Special Afternoon Tea in the San Marco Dining Room.

This was a very nice affair, with tables all done up and lots of servers offering tea sandwiches, petit fours, scones with jam and cream and of course, hot pots of tea.
We were quite impressed with the wonderful afternoon tea and very glad we attended.

Despite having filled our tummies at Tea between 4:00 and 5:00, we were ready for dinner by 8:30.
Once again, it was excellent; a Chicken Kiev for me and a Beef Wellington for James went over very well.

The entertainment on this evening was a little different.
Held in the Bar at the Edge of the Earth, it was a dance competition called "Everbody Dance Now!", pairing guests who liked to dance, with one of the professional Celebrity dancers.

The Dance Floor in the Bar

The entertainment staff served as judges, and although the dancers were quite good and entertaining, the judging was quite hokey and went on way too long.
It was good fun for anyone who enjoys Dancing With The Stars, and it was followed by a 50's & 60's Dance Party with the live band Sipra.

The entertainment staff were dressed in 50's and 60's costumes and participated by dancing with the guests, good fun and better participation than I'd seen most of the cruise.
My only complaint on this evening is that the Bar at the Edge of the Earth is a smoking bar, and after awhile it got unbearable for me and we had to leave, but for once we did manage to stay out till midnight!

Tomorrow....last sea day......

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