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Default Celebrity Constellatiion, Part 14

Celebrity Constellation, Part 14
Day 13 Saturday, November 21, At Sea

Our last sea day (*sniff*) before returning to Miami.

We started off the day a little differently by attending the Crew Talent Show in the Celebrity Theatre.
There, we endured a singing DJ, a singing server, a singing barman and waiter from Peru who played the panpipes (he was quite good actually!)
Then, the entertainment staff manager Alejandro, who I thought had not been a stellar crew member for the whole cruise, redeemed himself by choosing 4 audience members to help him with a performance.
They returned to the stage a short while later dressed as the Village People, and proceeded to put on one of the most hilarious performances of YMCA I've ever seen! This was another one I was glad we got on tape, it was great to see it again when we got home.

The rest of our last sea day was spent alternately sunning, swimming, photographing, videotaping, packing, and fitting in the 70's name That Tune and the Afternoon Trivia, where it was sad to say goodbye to Carl. He told us on the last day that the next cruise would be his last on the Constellation, that he had been promoted to work on the new Equinox in December. Many of the Trivia buffs promised to see him on his next ship!

For our last evening onboard, we had decided to book the Ocean Liners specialty restaurant again, based on our wonderful experience a few nights ago.
This 2nd experience couldn't have been further from the 1st. It was a disaster!

To begin with, we ordered a bottle of wine from the Somelier, and when our glasses were empty, no-one came to refill them. We had observed previously that the Ocean Liners staff were very attentive to this sort of thing, no so this time.
We finally had to ask a waiter to refill our wine and he looked confused and called the Somelier who apparently thought that we had only ordered 1 glass each, and had to go back and fetch the bottle.

Next, my appetizer, a Phyllo Wrapped Anjou Pear was awful, I just couldn't eat it. Our waiter offered to get me something else, but I declined, wanting to save room to enjoy my filet mignon.
I had ordered my filet mignon medium-well, and James had ordered his with his Surf & Turf, very well done, but when they arrived, the orders were reversed (served to the wrong person) and the waiters were horrified when we had to correct them.

My meat was fine, but James' "well-done" was pink and bleeding and he had to ask the waiter to return it and have it cooked to well-done.
It was a good 15 minutes wait, in which time I finished my entire meal, then waited some more.

When his meal finally returned, the filet mignon was cremated, it was black and shrunken, and he couldn't even cut it with his steak knife.
When he tried the lobster, it too had been overcooked to the consistency of rubber and he couldn't cut that either.
By this time, he was upset and no longer hungry. He made a polite complaint to the waiter that the food was inedible, and of course he was offered another meal. However, since I'd already finished mine and James was no longer hungry, he declined.

The waiter informed the Maitre 'D who came over and listened politely to his complaint, then offered to take his meal off the bill.
We thought this was satisfactory, and proceeded to order dessert.

We both ordered the Grand Marnier Chocolate Souffle, based on the recommendation of our tablemates on our previous visit, but we were disappointed it was not as good as we had anticipated. In fact I think we had better dessert in the main dining room throughout the cruise.

Tea, which we had ordered at the same time as the dessert to be served with the dessert, did not arrive until long after we had finished what we could of the souffle.
Needless to say we were quite disappointed with both the food and the service, and it put a damper on our last-night celebration.

However, when we asked for the bill prior to leaving, the Maitre 'D came over again and explained he had "taken care of it" - all of it, both meals plus the bottle of wine, and informed us with many apologies, that he had "had a word with the chef".

We departed, very impressed that the matter was dealt with so efficiently and generously, even more so when the Maitre 'D followed us out to the elevator with the half bottle of leftover wine!

Tomorrow....disembarkation procedures and last thoughts about the Constellation.....

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