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First of all, I had a whole review written and then it disappeared, so I'm just gonna add to Rebecca's.
I agree with you. The ship was not looking so great. I however did not smell the sewage smell (I have year-round allergies that pretty much prevent me from smelling a lot of stuff), but the closet in my cabin smelled like BO which was pretty gross...
Also, I did use the teen program and had a blast! I think it might be because I'm just the kind of person who can have fun playing with like a rock. There were a lot of rules though. They were kinda strict about no grinding but that didn't stop people. On the last night the teen counselor stopped the music like 3 or 4 times because people were grinding. I usually just used the living room to meet up with my friends and then we would leave because the games were boring/there were a lot of younger kids there. Something I learned this cruise was that 12/13 year olds are REALLY obnoxious haha
I found the service wasn't all that great either. The dining room service was pretty fast on the last few nights. I thought that the food quality in the dining room was hit or miss. We went there for breakfast and lunch a few times and I just didn't really get any good food. My family all got really good food, but mine was just alright. The windjammer food was the same as it always is, not super fantastic but not completely gross.
New Years Eve was a blast!
My pictures are on facebook too, Stephanie Gordon (Glenbrook South High School) There really aren't that many though.
Overall it was a pretty good cruise, just not my favorite.
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