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The curfew drives me crazy since I've had a bad experience with it. At exactly 1am on Mariner the security would shut down Fuel and literally follow groups of people back to the halls to make sure they went to their rooms. That's a bit over the top. I don't see why everybody under the age of 18 has the same curfew. I mean, I don't think 12 year olds and 17 year olds have the same maturity level and should be told to go to bed at the same time. I understand Royal is just trying to maintain a level of control on their ships, but it is still vacation and a curfew should be left up to the parents. Instead they should make it that you can't be in certain areas without parents after 1am, or that you must be in Fuel/The Living Room past a certain time, even if there is no scheduled activity. It's a lot safer to have everybody in one place then making it so teens feel the need to "sneak around" by going to people's rooms or finding a remote place on the ship dodging security for the night. That's just my opinion though.

As far as teen directors they definitely are hit or miss. I had an amazing one on my first cruise when I was 12 on Navigator. I don't remember his real name, but people called him Butterfinger. Other than that cruise none of them really stand out to me so they couldn't have been too good, or bad lol. I've never seen the no grinding enforced too bad unless people got to out of hand & started to look like they needed a bed not a dance floor.

Ryan: Since you mentioned Chops & Portofinos I figured I'd ask your opinion of them. Are they really worth dining at? We've always stuck to the main dining room for dinner.
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