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Originally Posted by You View Post
Would they really kick you out of the dinning room for not dressing to their satandards?
Yes. I personally have witnessed passengers turned away not only from the dining room, but also from the theater and evening events, because their attire did not conform to the ship's evening dress code.

Backing up a step, the norms of social etiquette state that guests at any social event are to dress in the manner prescribed by the host(ess), who, for public events aboard a ship, is always the master of the vessel even if the master is not actually present at the event. Thus, failure to conform to the dress code is, at best, a mark of grave social ignorance even if the line chooses not to turn a violator away.

Now, what actually happens in a given situation in which a passenger does not conform to the published dress code depends upon the cruise line's policies, the flagrance of the violation (i. e. jeans and a "T" shirt on a "formal" evening verses on a "casual" evening), the attitude of the passenger (arrogance toward staff tasked to enforce the rules can escalate the consequences from simple non-admission to termination of one's cruise in the next port of call under the "zero tolerance" policies that many of the cruise lines have adopted in recent years), and, in borderline cases, the degree to which other passengers complain to the ship's staff in real time.

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