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Mike, I agree. I didn't see much good coming from the Cougar cruise myself.

Here is my guess on what happened. There were plenty of cougars but no "prey". I saw young guys posting saying, "if it's a cougar cruise they should be paying for me to go."

I can just imagine the catfights that broke out over the few young dudes that might have been there. Either that, or the planners just didn't plan ahead and there almost no guys onboard and they just sort of disappeared into the background and left Carnival to deal with all the complaints.

In any case - it is just another example of how outsiders have the wrong vision of what cruising is like, there are still some neophytes who envision cruises as nothing but single people roaming the decks looking for action.

I'll never forget when we tried to organize a family cruise the wife of one of the cousins said "I wouldn't trust my husband on a cruise." She was kidding of course, but to us the comment just made no sense until we realized what she was referring to.
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