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Default Bring food off the ship to eat while in Mexico?

If you have done excursions anywhere in Mexico, do you eat the local food or bring your own off the ship?

My mom and I are cruising in about 10 weeks on Imagination. She lives in Florida but I'm in the Chicago area so I can't wait to get away to anywhere warmer than here! Brrr!

She's been to Mexico once - an NCL cruise to KeyWest/Cozumel with her now deceased hubby a few years ago but they didn't eat in port and this will be my first time stepping foot in Mexico.

For our afternoon/evening in Cozumel, we are considering the Playa de Maya beach resort excursion.

Neither of us wants to eat any food or drink any water from Mexico so we're thinking about either ordering room service sandsiches, fruit, etc. from either room service and/or the deli) and bringing a collapsible small cooller, pack some quart ziplocs with ice and bring our own food and Carnival bottled water to eat while we're on the beach. Even getting a salad in their restaurant or buffet means it might hgave been washed/cleaned with tap water.

If we don't do this, we'll probably just walk around Cozumel and hope there's something more interesting than stores and restaurants (i.e. some muerums or art galleries???) after lunch on the ship and head back by dinner. None of the other excursions appeal to us. We want something relaxing and I don't want to be stuck on a tour bus.

I'd appreciate the thoughts of those who have done both.

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