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Well, temps seem to be moderating here in upper East Tennessee with the current temperature being 22 F.

R/Donna, I'm sure you've probably noted this but being the brain dead individual I am, I've missed if you've stated what your new job is and whether or not it revolves around children.

It's off to our family doctor this morning as Fran's fatigue is becoming markedly worse. Her temperature seems not to be as much of a problem as it had been earlier in the week although she still has a nagging albeit not severe cough. She cannot, however, remain out of bed for more than a couple of hours and we're now six days following her hospital stay. Unlike most physicians, ours has his office open to Noon on Sunday and is closed on Saturday and Wednesday.

Sid, I was so glad to learn you had returned to work. Although yes, I love retirement, I nevertheless miss not only my former profession but also the job of managing the two apartment complexes, especially the senior citizen one, that I did for ten years after moving back home. Both didn't pay anything to speak of compared to wages in the same areas but both jobs provided a tremendous amount of satisfaction, not to mention, now that I'm officially a true "senior citizen," the importance of the manner in which I performed my apartment management duties.

B/W, sounds as if you have a magnificent and very efficient heating system! Am so glad to learn your son isn't afraid of his upcoming procedure and that, pedia wise at least, you D/S has her father's feet.............well, not that he has her father's feet per se, just that.......oh heck, you know what I mean!

Phyll, hope your tummy is still not acting up and that your and everyone else's weather down there in Florida will be a bit warmer today! Like Kuki, I guess you can look out your window onto the golf course and tell by the way the golfers are dressed, what it's like.

Mike, you truly sound like a real chef. They're always saying that if you make an errors, such as putting in too much of an ingredient, say "garlic" for instance, you just add garlic to the name of your dish, i.e.: garlic chocolate cake. Just give your Friday night meal a fancy name and say the kids didn't like it because it was too "rich."

Alan and Katrina, I have a niece and her husband who were just here in East Tennessee (although because of Fran's illness could not get a chance to see) and who live in London. Boy did they get a big surprise. Also, my brother (her father) married a girl from the Isle of Man which is where they lived until moving back here a few years ago.

I'll never forget the time he, along with a prestigious banker from the Island along with the banker's assistant, came over to New York for a few days on business. The temps were literally 12 below zero when I met them at JFK upon arrival, but of course they were on a plane and then an enclosed jetway into the terminal. As we're getting to leave to walk out of the terminal I noticed the young lady was carrying her coat and just wearing her sweater. When I strongly suggested she should put it on, she replied she was fine. I then asked her if she had ever been in the states during a winter and she replied she had one Florida. I insisted she put on the coat she had which itself, really wasn't that heavy. We had taken but about ten steps after leaving the terminal when I glanced back, to find all three had stunned looks on their faces (including my brother who had not been subject himself to such temps in probably over twenty-five years). I burst out laughing when we got to the car and the young lady went, "Oh my God! I can't even breathe!" Of course I had to say something along the lines of, "Gosh, this is not that cold for New Yorkers" which, in fact it certainly was!

Prayers continue along with Blessings for all!

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