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So glad to be able to post this morning. I completly lost yesterday. I had a 24 bug and it really put me down. Littles grandaughter had it on Thursday (I kept her all day) then Friday evening her Mom and big sister came down with it. I woke up around 4 am yesterday with it. By noon d/h was home from work with it. Thank goodness we have a 2 bathroom house! The only 2 people well were my SIL and his mom....they have it today. I am still weak but feeling 100% better than yesterday. Glad this happened now rather than later, don't want to be sick on our cruise.
Will spend today not doing a whole lot. I am washing all the bed clothes and blankets to kill off any germs still hanging around. I have already sprayed a can of lysol on everything in the house. Over Kill maybe but don't want this again.
Hope everyone has a good day and stays warm.

Prayers to all in need.

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