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Good morning everyone:

Just a quick good morning before taking the grandkids home. I just finished cleaning up the breakfast. The kids wanted Grandpa Mike McMuffins so I had to oblige. They are just baking powder biscuits with eggs, bacon and cheese. This meal turned out better than Friday's meal. I pigged out and ate three biscuits with butter and blackberry jam.

Betty is getting the kids ready for the day and they will be heading home soon. Betty is going to just lay in bed after that. Her neck and shoulder has less pain but still hurts.

Todd: I hope the doc can help give Fran a bit more pep and do something about the cough.

When Betty takes the kids home I may venture out with Kramer for a bit of a longer walk. It's +10F, with an expected high of +22F, so it looks like the sub-zero temperatures are behind us...for now.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Take care,
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