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Good morning cruisemates! I'm wearing a sweater while enjoying my coffee on the patio, so that means the morning is a bit chillier. But we're supposedly heading to the 70s once again. (The temperature not the "era".

Have to swing by my mother's today to hang some pictures, and it's payday for her caregiver. I'm hoping my mother quits her interior decorating soon, or there may not be room for her. More "chatchkees" per sq ft in that place than I've ever seen. Guess she's enjoying herself, so that part is important.

I have a golf game in the south (Chandler) which isn't too far from ASU, so Mrs Kuki is going to drive me and go spend time with Kuki Jr. while I'm golfing.

Big game in town today, with the Cardinals taking on Green Bay. A better Cardinals team best show up today than I saw last week, or the city isn't going to be too happy.
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