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It's history, and history can be viewed in a positive light. How about the pink triangle and black triangle that I still see in many shop windows and vehicles here in the Castro? The pink triangle and black triangle were issued by the Third Reich to gay men and lesbians during the time of Concentration Camps.

Or how about the yellow star Jews were made to wear? Still many have this yellow star tattooed on their person, just as we see the triangles. It was an awful time in history, but many are proud.

I like the Friends of Dorothy. It is slang, just as the word, "Queen" is...but as one posted mentioned, it was code and is our cherished history. Its origins are from WWII and Dorothy Parker.

Has anyone read, "Coming out Under Fire"? For the younger gay and lesbian folks who were not around during Stonewall, or shortly thereafter, or have no memory of our path as proud men and women, should read this - or at the very least watch the DVD.
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