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Thanks for the aqdditional suggestions & comments fromSnoozeman,. Marty, Ro, hlp, Mike M and AKcruiser zydecocruiser, Luanne, david and Fern!

I definitely had some old information stuck in my head.

I like the idea of eatiing a good lunch on board and marty's idea about the protein bars - I was thinking of bringing some south beach bars on the cruise and one will easily take care of any hunger pains between lunch and dinner. I fly to FLL on march 20th and we don't sail out of Miami till the 22nd so I have time to stop and bring some snacks aboard.

We don't plan to go to any restaurants other than enjoying the buffet includes at Playa Mia... we will eat dinner back on the ship that night. We probably won't eat a lot at the buffet but will definitely refrain from any fresh fruits or veggies that are on it.

I really don't like to schlep food - even in a small lunch bag with ice, in that heat, it could spoil - and protein bars or breath mints are all I like to carry on me.
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