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You'll probably get a variety of answers , mostly telling you the front and back ride rougher, etc. and that the middle, lower down cabins have the best ride, etc.
Personally, I always book the cabin I want instead of going the guarantee route and I always pick a cabin closer to the front of the ship.
Just my personal preference.
It's not so much where you are on the ship--it's how rough or calm the water is. If the waters rough, you'll feel it. Remember it's a ship--it floats and rolls with the water --if it didn't , it would sink.
Re/ cabin 7249, if I were picking one, I would feel pleased to have that location. You have passenger decks above and below you so you won't have much noise such as from a disco, kitchen, pool area over or under you.
I'm going on the Dream in a few weeks and picked my cabin at the front, very near the bridge. After 30+ cruises, I learned to be particular in where I choose to be. But, that's just my personal preference-- as I said, you'll probably get a variety of answers. It's like an airplane seat--if the front gets there, the back and middle will too. Enjoy, even if you end up in the boiler room !!
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