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I was once on Caribbean Princess, one facing the front of the ship, Lido deck. Loved loved loved the cabin. We did feel the up and down movement a little. Not enough to be seasick, just once or twice when I bent over motion, like looking in a suitcase on the floor, I could feel it in the pitt of my stomach.

Iv been very forward on other cruises, once in over 25 ft waves and sure we felt it but the Lido deck was so bad, we had to walk hand in hand to cross. Once again Im forward coming up in about a week and a half, Empress deck this time.

Have you ever been in the front row of the theater and felt it?? Or had a seat in the very back of the aft dining room. Iv felt it both places. That will be similar to what you might feel. ... at least it will remind you that you are on a ship.
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