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Originally Posted by Tony Scott View Post
We are looking at a cruise in August this year. One point I am concerned with is the North Sea/Baltic sea weather and waves.

Did our first ever cruise on Oosterdam to Alaska in 2006 and had one rough day when half of passengers were sick- so we are fair weather sailors.

Is there anything we should consider re cruise embarkation ports whencomparing sailing from Amsterdam/ Copenhagen/ Dover etc.? Are you likely to encounter more rough weather when leaving from one port compared with another?

I have read a lot of reviews that talk of bad weather on their Baltic cruise.
Weather is always something that no one can truly predict. Historically August is a great time to cruise the Baltic. Warmer weather and normally calmer seas. I sailed the Baltic in mid-May and we experienced literally glass seas for almost the entire cruise. It was almost creepy.

If you depart in Dover you will have an extra day of sailing until you get into the Baltic. Leaving from Amsterdam and Copenhagen are closer to the Baltic and depending on the itinerary, you may not have as many sea days. The other, somewhat negative, thing about sailing from Dover is the travel distance from a London airport to Dover. It is anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to get from Gatwick or Heathrow to the port.

Just make sure you book a cabin mid-ship as to minimize the ship's movement if you do encounter some large waves.

Have a wonderful cruise!
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