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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
What was the outcome of any insurance claim you had to make from a mishap while cruising, lost luggage, etc.

Almost daily we hear some sad story about a missed ship, some weather issues, etc.

I've had to file a claim with a travel insurance company and have it handled OK. Once it took quite a few phone calls to get it going, but in the end I was happy.

Lets hear your stories, both good and bad.
Yes three times:

1. I was scheduled for a river cruise on the Danube to the Black Sea. I came up with a very painful kidney stone. Had to cancel cruise. The insurance company paid the full amount for myself and my wife. Amounted to $9,000 to $10,000. Was very happy with insurance.

2. The second time my luggage did not arrive in Itlaly. Insurence paid for some new clothes,etc.

3. The third time I had to see the ships doctor and insurance paid in full.
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