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I agree that in many cases too much info. can ruin a good thing for everyone. The rear or aft cabins with the extended balconies is one that readily comes to mind. At first these were just regular cat. cabins and the extended balcony was an extra treat--then word spread very quickly to book an aft cabin for a bigger balcony--then whatta ya know-- these are suddenly " suites "-- I used to book them before they became so popular and the prices went up but quit booking them.
Sometimes we just need to keep a good thing to ourselves. If I've got a good thing going and post it on the internet ( after all doesn't the WWW stand for world wide web ? ) then how long am I going to have my good thing going, or how long is anyone else for that matter? Secret Cabins?? What's a great cabin to one may not be to another. If I have a particular cabin I like I'll book it and let the other 12 million book their own.
It's like the old complaint thing used to be--send a legitimate letter of complaint and get a discount on a future cruise. Word spread , thousands complained, got their discount and now the ones with a valid complaint have a harder time getting a true issue resolved.
What about ways to circumvent the alcohol policies of the cruise lines? How many times do you see the question posted as to how one can smuggle alcohol aboard and as soon as it's posted, the info starts to flood the site with all manner of ways to get around the ships policy. Then the price of drinks go up, everyone complains and around we go.
Maybe it sounds like I'm selfish--I'm not-- I just believe in keeping my mouth shut to a good thing as I know when it gets out, which it will, it will cease to be a good thing or you will end up paying more for the good thing that once was free.
Share info that's helpful and answer questions to help people as best we can but don't ruin a good thing by broadcasting it all over the world on how to put the screws to the cruiseline, as in the end, we, the passengers will get it in the " end ".
Now, start shooting-- I haven't been shot at for a while and actually miss the snap, crackle and pop of hot lead whizzing by !!
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