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Crystal is an excellent cruise line - I just took it last June. We had 4 NFL coaches onboard as speakers, plus political experts, a former M13 agent (the Brits CIA), Movie Producers...

They give music (piano) and language lessons, amnd have a great computer learning center.

This is a LUXURY line however, and is priced accordingly.

Rigfht now they have many specials offered, two for one pricing, two for one airfare, onboard credit, etc. It is a great time to try luxury right now, but keep in mind this is not a carnival cruise, you are paying a lot more.

FYI" Crystal Serenuty was refurbished in 2006 and Srystal Symphony just came out of refurbishment. The ships are in great shape and are beautiful.

This is a very classy cruise, with beautiful teas every day, people in real tuxedoes on formal night, etc. It is old-fashioned cruising with everything that people like about that.
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