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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz View Post
Any idea on the ship offered cocktail party...past guest and otherwise?

How does this schedule work with their events

I believe there is a 1 hour event on the last sea day.

Phil & Liz
Nothing on our schedule will interfere with the official ship receptions. They no longer have free cocktails at the Captains reception (Monday) and I haven't gone to the past guest in a while so not sure about that one but I think they do. The past guest is usually split into three different times on the Conquest. The 5:00 farewell cocktail listing on the last day is the ships event. I listed it on our schedule because the ship keeps that event very low key. It's barely listed in the Capers, not even in bold type and I didn't want CM's to miss it. I'm guessing our private cocktail hour will be just b4 that one so we should be able to get a free drink somewhere on the last sea day.
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