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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
Ummm, I don't think you read nlb's post correctly. They said they didn't take off the auto tips because the Room Steward did his/her job even though he/she appeared to be very overworked (we've noticed this on NCL cruises, too.).

They never said that they wouldn't tip if the RS didn't say "hi" !
No I think you read it incorrectly. Nib stated he/she was thinking of removing the tips because they never saw their cabin steward. Then he/she went on to say that their room was cleaned and decided not to punish him for NCL's policy. I'm not sure the reason that Nib thought the Steward should be punished if he was doing his job and cleaning their cabin. The only think I could think of was that Nib didn't see him and therefore couldn't say "hi" or interact with him in some way and therefore thought of removing the tip. The removal didn't having anything to do with the Steward not performing his job, but not being visible. Thankfully Nib didn't remove the tip, but I still don't see what the Steward did that Nib thought he should be punished.

My line about thinking about no tipping because they couldn't say "hi" was my wondering what it was the Steward wasn't doing that deserved to be not tipped, since he clearly did the job he was supposed to do and that was clean the cabins.

If the Steward was overworked and was still able to do his job, then I would think he deserved an additional tip/praise on the comment card and not being potentially punished by having his tips removed because NCL didn't have enough room Stewards. I applaud Nib if he/she commented that NCL should hire more Stewards and I hope he/she didn't put anything negative about the Steward because he was too busy to be seen (whatever that means) since a negative comment could result in the Steward being given extra duties and possibly even losing his job.
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