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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I have to say I have heard both sides of the story. You heard the positive above. I personally like the Persian Gardens for steams, hot lounges, etc.

But I have heard a fair number of people say they are not worth the extra money. The stateroom amenities are not substantial and BLU as a restaurant has the same menu as the other dining rooms (although I hear it is cooked a la minute). Plus, anyone can eat in Blu, not just AQ passengers.

The other amenites are an iPod player, fresh lemon water, aromatherapy, special pillows... (I am writing from memory, if I make a mistake feel free to correct me) and close access to the spa.

I love the Solstice ships, but if there is one complaint I have heard from a few people it is tht AQ is not as special as was advertised. If money is not a matter of concern them go for them, but if your budget is tight, then maybe not.
I didn't catch this originally but you got some wrong info on Blu. They are very strict as to who can eat in Blu. We had our room cards and numbers checked. I was not even able to bring a friend with me for dinner as a third person. The suite passengers can eat in Blu when room is available but thats it...
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