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Default Frequent cruisers...bane of crew & staff?

We had several interesting conversations with the staff on a recent cruise on RCCL concerning the lucky few who can cruise 3- 4 times a year.

It seems that passengers who frequent cruises on the same ship are not always that welcome. Surprise!

Some of the crew's comments were that 'most' of these cruisers don't tip or if they tip at all it's very small. Other's walk around with a certain attitude of entitlement, asking for freebies, special treatment and even expect exemptions from rules, etc. This we witnessed in the main dining room when a gentleman came in for dinner wearing shorts and a loud 'T'...when we expressed surprised, the comment from other guests at our table was, 'oh...he knows better, but he and his wife cruise this ship a lot and think the rules don't apply to them anymore.'

Now if it was just one staff/crew member who made this type of comment I would think...'sour grapes'...but it was the general consensus about frequent cruisers.

Perhaps they begin to think of the staff as their personal servants rather than employees. Or maybe they tend to get too familiar, forget how to be gracious and have good manners. Either way...this was the opinion of several several staff members. I'm just sharing it with you.
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