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Originally Posted by You View Post
I love the Solstice class of ships and they are selling extremely well, but I have not been on a "millennium-class" celebrity ship in a long time.

Are they still "all that?" I thought they were beautiful at the time, but it was been awhile since i have been on one.
During my cruise last November aboard GTS Celebrity Summit, I thought that the ship generally looked great and the service was fully up to Celebrity's historical standards, with one exception. The fully syncronized service in the specialty restaurants was gone. Without it, I find it very difficult to justify paying $30.00 per passenger per occasion to dine there.

Originally Posted by You
What would you pick, Millennium and the extra money, or pay a little more to go on Solstice?
If there's a difference in price for comparable itineraries, I would choose the Celebrity cruise that's less expensive, regardless of class or age. I don't see any amenities or facilities aboard the ships of the Celebrity Solstice class that stand out as "must have" items for a line to be regarded as a "premium" cruise line.