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Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
I don't usually read this board so humor me if this is common knowledge. I was thinking about how often suitcases seem to not keep up with passengers and thought this might be a bright idea.

If you pack a his and hers suitcase, do you packing then take half your stuff out of your bag and put it in your partners. That way if one bag gets lost you haven't lost all your stuff. Ladies, this in not permission to invade your husband's packing space - but you've probably done that already
WE ALWAYS pack some of our clothes in each suit case then I keep all my stuff
in my suitcase after we get on board. And on the way home. I had a friend flew to
Fla. for her cruise. Never got her luggage from the airlines the whole trip! They went
on board with the clothes on thier back and whatever they had on the carry on.
They had to buy clothes at the first port the ship stopped at.
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