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IMO there is a difference between the "premium" ships such as i.e. Century and Constellation size and the Soltice.. Sure.. the newer ships are bigger, offer maybe more dining options, but just because something is "older" doesn't make it less than something "newer" and bigger It would mean that those over 55 are less valuable than a youngster.. I personally loved the size of that line of ships and the one Princess we did cruise.. we found the size delightful, although size doesn't always mean it has the amenities you might want.. There is something comforting about the smaller ships I don't feel as if your on a floating resort.. Guess I'm old fashioned, but I'm open to all experiences and will let you know about the size of the Equinox and the "feel". Guess I'm old fashioned enough to want elegance, service, comfort leel and atmosphere of cruising, the old fashioned way.