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Default Re: Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships f

We returned from the Infinity (March 17th) and I will echo what others have said-a fabulous ship and a great cruise. We were on the Mercury last year and they are both great ships. Excellent service, very nice layouts and helpful/friendly staff. In fact we ran into some of the staff from the Mercury on the Infinity. Considering the size of the Infinity is larger and the number of passengers about the same. The Infinity was the perferable ship. In fact we booked the Summit for next March. We love Celebrity and have been treated well on both ships. Thinking about booking the Zenith on one of their New York to Bermuda runs to experience the smaller Celebrity experience. On both the Mercury and Infinity you could find privacy or crods depending on your mood. The Infinity has some nice extras that the larger size allows-Conservatory, Music Room-2 levels, Conservatory. The foyer was kind of bland but nice.
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