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Originally Posted by karessamom View Post
We're thinking about taking a cruise the first part of August for our 25th! Not even sure what line at this point but considering either the Golden Princess or Saphire princess out of Seattle--any preferences?? the itineraries are slightly different as one does Tracy Arm and the other Glacier Bay--not familiar enough with any of these to really know which might be better--never been to Alaska. Seattle attracts us because we can either drive or fly from Utah albiet it would be a long drive. I do feel the airfare would be less expensive to go to seattle vs Juneau or?? Thanks
Hi Karessamom,

You are right that it is usually cheaper to fly to Seattle than it is to fly to Vancouver. Both cities are great and both have outstanding attractions. In my opinion the better choice would be to sail from Vancouver and be sure and take a cruise that goes to Glacier Bay. Sailing out of Seattle does cut down on some of your time in Alaska. We generally take a one way cruise out of Vancouver but that does add to the cost of flying to or from Anchorage.

At the end of the day my choice would be to take whichever ship that goes into Glacier Bay National Park.
Hope this helps.

I don't know anything about the travel club you mentioned but I would recommend doing a lot of searching on the Internet before finalizing your membership.

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