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Angry Sore Subject

Sadly it has come to the time when my husband needs a handicapped cabin and there are none available, even ten months ahead of time. The reason I'm bring this up is that we were on a particular ship (don't dare mention the line) and overhead a woman bragging how she always gets a handicapped cabin because her husband is blind and has a bad knee.. I saw her husband around the ship without a white cane and doing well on his own.. It seems people in the "know" manage to get these cabins when they book by any means possible. This woman had a certain attitude of entitlement. It seems that Parrot Pop who now walks with a rollator and has difficulty walking will get the short end.. and only the privileged few who know the ropes and want a bigger cabin and can get a note from their M.D. will get one. There has to be a more equitable system!!!
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