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Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
I agree and I hate cigarette smoke-BUT there are lines that prohibit in door smoking and even balcony smoking-so it is simple for the OP to simply pick another line.

I know NCL has one room/lounge aea for smokers-the rest of the ship's public areas are smoke free. I know we were in a lounge near this other lounge and we could smell smoke occasionally,when others entered that area, the door was opened of course-I started to gripe until I considered-well I could move to a lounge further away. It was not that hard! The smokers had no where else to go. I do believe we should be kind to others.
I just wanted to let you guys know my opinion on this has changed since my last HAL cruise. We had a veranda and a neighbor who chain smoked next door to us. On previous cruises we have had considerate smoking neighbors who would smoke one cigarette and then leave the air clean. All I had to do is step back into my room fro 10 minutes and allow them to smoke their cigarette. This was not true this cruise, no matter when we stepped out on our blacony. it seemed to me this man must have stayed on his balocny smoking for most of the time.

I have learned HAL is attracting formerly Celebrity cruisers who are heavy smokers, because of Celebrity's new guidelines. HAL, a line, that formerly had maybe 20% smokers, now has a much higher smoker rate.

I have been told the same thing has happened to Princess, that RCI smokers have defected to Princess, so, bottom line, I do no think I am in a hurry to cruise either line again now.
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