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Default Missing Luggage Carts

Okay, while this is not specific to cruise lines, I consider my hotel experience pre and post cruise part of my vacation and I have a gripe. When you arrive at a hotel, with your family, and you want to bring in your luggage you go looking for a luggage trolley so that you can do it all in one trip. In the last two months we have stayed in 18 hotels, in 12 of them we encountered the exact same problem. The trolleys were missing. When we inquired we were told repeatedly that many people load them up and then keep them in their room with them instead of bringing them back downstairs. WHAT?? I could not imagine that this was the case, but it appears to be true. On one particular morning when I had far too little sleep and was feeling particularly obnoxious, I waited in the lobby to see if any of the carts would magically appear. Around 7 am the carts that had been missing all night started to arrive and sure enough they had indeed spent the night in a room. It irritates me that some people just don't give a damn about inconveniencing others, even when confronted the majority couldn't understand why I was irked, some were embarassed and apologetic but for the most part the majority felt it was their right to hog the carts. Sorry for the long rant. but it does feel better to have it off my chest!
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