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Default "early savings"

We are desperate to book another cruise, but the logistics ($$$$) will require some finagling....I have been looking at the early saver rates on Carnival and I have some questions says something like "bookings up to 3 months in advance". Do they mean at least 3 months...if we wanted to sail in July, would we have to book by April at the latest??? looks like there is at least a $50 non refundable deposit...will they allow me to change dates/sailings without losing the money, or will any change make me lose the deposit?? will it matter if I have insurance??:???:
3...I see that they will continue to drop my price to match any advertised price I find that is lower up to 2 days before sailing...will this make booking with an agent over Carnival direct (or vice versa?) the better idea?
4...Can any of you knowledgeable people think of anything else I should be asking or checking into???

thanks in advance! We have 2 cruise sailed and would like to do it again this summer........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh;-)
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